Win money from your mates by doing stupid things!

Visit on your phone or tablet to play.

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What's the big idea?

Dare Roulette is a web app game developed by Comic Relief and Sidekick Studios as part of the Exploralaboratorium. Originally developed as a one-week hack, we’ve gathered feedback and made some improvements to create the version you see here.

Please bear in mind it’s still unfinished and in private beta. We'd welcome your comments and feedback as we continue to develop the app.

How to play

  1. Get a bunch of your friends together round a phone

  2. Choose your dare location and then pick your dare

  3. Decide how much cash the person who does the dare will win

  4. Take turns to spin the dare roulette wheel - will you duck it, or will you dare to do it!?

  5. Take photos of your dare and share with #dareroulette.

  6. If you had fun playing, you can donate some of your winnings to Comic Relief.

Don't sue us!

Please be careful and play responsibly! Comic Relief is not responsible for supervising your game and your participation is at your own risk. The game should not be played in a way that poses a danger to you or to any onlooker. Players should be over 16. Comic Relief's terms of use.

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